Greetings from Bangladesh

Today we moved in in our own bengali castle in Savar. After a long taxi trip, with all sorts of getting stuck in the mud-adventures, we finally reached here after the sun had set long ago.Tomorrow we look forward to start our three week long staying at CRP as volunteers.

So far, time has flown. Tuhin has introduced me, Susanne, to all of his friends, and we have been roaming all around the city. Both on rickshaw and motorbike. To go on Tuhins bike is always an adventure. When we went to Savar yesterday to check our room out, it decided not to work anymore. We left it by a gas station and took a taxi there... something we were happy for on the way home, when it started to rain like crazy. We then got stuck in the same vattenpuss as we did today, but the first time was more fun than the second one.. getting stuck in vattenpussar is a one time pleasure.

But, after reaching here, the action wasn`t over... When we, tired and sweaty, were trying to unpack our stuff, there was a powercut. After hanging out on the roof of the building with Tuhins cousin Robin and his friend Rana for approximatly one hour the power came back.. when we then tried to plug in our fan we bought yesterday, the cable caught fire. herregud. no end to the drama.. anyway, we survived with both hair and smiling faces!

...utover det har Tuhin kopt mig en SA snygg shalwar khamez. det tackar jag for;)

PUSS to all of the members of our globalfamily from Touhidul and Susilull <3

..after finally being able to relax in our room.

Postat av: Lisa

åh Susilull and Tuhidul, what an adventure you're having! Thinking about you, friends in the Golden Bengal! Best wishes! / Lisa

cute picture by the way :)

2008-07-08 @ 12:46:30
Postat av: global-tilda

Oh i'm so happy for you my golden global children! I definately want more up datings from you at global family because it's nice and exciting to follow you! Take care both of you :)

Lots and lots of love/ the Global Mum

2008-07-09 @ 21:06:47

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