Våran fjärde gästkrönika; på engelska!

I slutet på maj var våran globalfotograf Tuhin på äventyr i de södra delarna av Bangladesh. Tillsammans med en vän vandrade han i flera timmar för att komma till en by bland bergen han besökt en gång tidigare. Byn låg vid en stor sjö som kallades The lake of the dragon. Idag presenterar vi stolt historien som förklarar sjöns existens, författad av Tuhin. Om den är sann eller ej är upp till läsaren att avgöra. ;) Globalfamily tackar för den här spännande och annorlunda gästkrönikan! Fotot av sjön är också taget och redigerat av Tuhin.

The history of "The lake of Dragon"

It starts like all other stories. And I heard it from a passer by who was showering in the lake where I was trying to fish with the wheels. Though the fishes ran away watching me, and some ghost eaten up the foods from my hook.

Once upon a time there was a village in this place. One day the villagers noticed that they were missing their cattle and other livestocks. The headman of the village declared summons to clear the premises of the village. There were houses on the both sides of the road and the road was mainly by the yards of the houses.

After cleaning up the whole area, it was a big hole on the ground in one corner of the road. They doubted it has some connection with the mysterious missing problem.

On the following night they hooked up a dead goat and put it close to the hole. The hook was like as usual fishing hooks in a bigger size.

The next morning the crowd found the rope tied to the hook inside the goat tight like a string. It took the whole strong males of the village to pull the rope out.

After a hard pull, it was a Python hooked on the other end of the rope. They jumped on the Python and cut into small pieces as much smaller as possible. But it was not the whole python out yet. The villagers had a feast with the meat of the Python and all the fleshes inside it, which included of their cattle.

But one family, an old man and lady, who had no descendant on this earth refused to have that meat.

The next night it was a god send on them by dream, an spirit asked them to leave the place since it'll be proven dangerous for them real soon.

In morning they packed up their stuffs and collected their owned livestock's and moved.

In the after noon it was a big explosion and there was water coming out like lava from the volcano from the bottom. The whole village went under the ground and the water traveled back.

An ancient village surrounded by the hills for years became a lake all on a sudden.

The name of that lake is 'Boga Lake' now and the adjacent village to that lake is named as the 'Boga lake Village'.


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Hi Tuhin! thanks for a great article, I would definately like to see this Boga Lake sometime. take care! /Mum

2008-06-06 @ 15:10:30
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